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Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team – An Anime-Inspired Mobile Football Game Worth Exploring

Genre    : Sports, football simulation
Platforms: Android, iOS
Developer: KLab
Price    : Free to play (with in-app purchases)

I absolutely love the Captain Tsubasa anime series, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. It is a mobile football game that brings to life the beloved characters and their exhilarating matches. It’s truly a unique experience that caters to both fans of the series and football enthusiasts, blending stunning anime-style visuals with engaging gameplay. In this article, I will explore the strengths and weaknesses of Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, providing a thorough analysis

Authentic Anime Graphics & Gameplay: Bringing Characters to Life

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team stands out for its realistic visuals and gameplay that faithfully capture the aesthetics of the anime. The colorful world of Captain Tsubasa is beautifully portrayed with 2D anime-style graphics, transporting players into the game and capturing the true spirit of the show. Moreover, the gameplay combines turn-based strategy with arcade-style action. It offers a balance between excitement and tactical decision-making, giving each game more complexity.

Wide Variety of Characters: Create Your Dream Team

You may choose from among more than 1,000 characters from the Captain Tsubasa universe in Dream Team, all of whom can be improved. Legendary figures like Tsubasa Ozora, fierce foes like Kojiro Hyuga, and even the scorching Emperor of Flames himself, Karl Heinz Schneider, will be encountered. Each character have special skills and traits that may be strategically used in combat. Making your own dream team out of your favorite players in the game adds another level of excitement. The process of putting up a team of adored characters is quite exciting.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team’s Gacha System: Excitement at a Cost

While the gacha system in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team adds an element of thrill and surprise, it can also be a double-edged sword. The system allows players to obtain new characters randomly, heightening the anticipation of unlocking rare and powerful players. However, the reliance on in-game currency and the potential cost associated with obtaining desired characters can be deterrents for some players. I recommend that you save as many free dream balls as possible until they release the rare banners. You should not waste those dream balls on regular UR characters, which may not be strong enough compared to the rare banner characters. Moreover, keep in mind that the drop rate for those rare banners is extremely low, so be prepared before using your dream balls to draw.

Lack of New Story Content and Repetitive Game Modes

The lack of fresh plot material is another area where I believe Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team falls short. Fans may crave more narratives or missions that expand upon the already existing universe. Even if the game offers an immersive experience based on the anime’s plot. Additional plot material would give the game new vitality as well as satisfy fans’ hunger for fresh experiences. Although the game has many different game modes, after a while I think that some of them get a little boring. This could result in a feeling of monotony and decreased involvement.


Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is a mobile football game that truly captures the spirit of the beloved anime series. Fans and football enthusiasts will enjoy its beautiful anime-style graphics, various gameplay modes, and wide range of characters. The game is a good choice for players seeking thrilling football experiences on their mobile devices.


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